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Posting comments with your profile picture

August 29th 2018

We've updated the way comments work. If you post a comment right now, you'll notice that the comment is now linked to your profile, and will show your profile picture. It will also allow other people to click on your username and be brought to your profile.

This neat little feature will allow for more interactive commenting!

Edit your profile - long awaited!

December 18th 2017

Fiiiinally! Tired of deleting your profile every time you want to update the simplest thing such as your bio? Now it is easy to do so with this new feature enabling you to edit and update your profile at will.

Simply log in to the website, and click on the "Edit profile" link appearing in the top menu. Voilà!

Find Snapchat Friends changed domain name

October 30th 2017

Find Snapchat Friends ( has rebranded to Find Chat Friends and changed its domain name to

📑 Don't forget to bookmark our new website: Find Chat Friends

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Closing of Dirty Snap Sexting

October 25th 2017

Last year we were introduced with the launch of a new adult website allowing you to find dirty Snapchat usernames and Kik friends for sexting called Dirty Snap Sexting. Today it's been reported that the website has closed down.

We invite you to join Kik and the KikFriender community if you wish to find adult friends to chat with.

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Advanced Security

April 9th 2017

In today's internet experience, it's always important to operate under the best security and offer the best protection to users. This is why today we've opted to use the HTTPS protocol for our website, allowing you to navigate freely and securely. This protocol encrypts data you send (such as login credentials, passwords, etc) from your browser to our server through secured communication, mitigating the risks of hackers stealing your information.

Dirty Snap Sexting - Find Dirty Snapchat Friends

December 18th 2016

After forcefully closing the adult section on our website earlier this year, a long awaited brand new adult website has emerged! Welcome to the world of Dirty Snap Sexting, an adult community where you can find dirty Snapchat friends and Kik sexting usernames.

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Find Snapchat Usernames By Country

January 30th 2016

Introducing a new search feature: you can now filter snapchat usernames by country! Head over to the homepage under the search panel to view the 5 most popular countries, and also on the Local Map page to view the top 12 most popular countries.

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Closing the adult section

May 25th 2015

After a year in service, we had to shut down the adult section of Find Snapchat Friends. Read the full story here.

We invite you to join Kik and the KikFriender community if you wish to find adult friends to chat with.

Login to your profile!

May 5th 2015

Well, this is probably one of the most awaited feature: the possibility to register your profile and log back in. It seems easy and you may be wondering why it didn't come sooner. You see, in the past we saw ourselves as a sort of classified ads...

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Technical Difficulties

March 29th 2015

No, we're not talking about the Racer X song featuring the guitar of Paul Gilbert! You may have noticed lately that the website is temporarily going offline from time to time. As frustrating as this may be, the reason is pretty positive. Striving for...

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Search Snapchat Usernames

March 1st 2015

Are you trying to find snapchat friends with a specific set of criterias, but find it too much of a hassle to navigate through pages and pages of results until you find someone you'd like to chat with? Your answer is probably yes, and that's why we...

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Reporting inappropriate content

January 11th 2015

You can now help us in our quest to delivering quality content to our users by reporting any inappropriate content you may see on the website. To report profiles or photos, simply click on the "Report" link under the profile or photo...

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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

January 9th 2015

Happy new years to our Snapchat Friend Finders! We hope you had a great time during your holidays, we sure did! With the new year comes new resolutions, and one of our focus this year will be to become more serious in our work. Better late...

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KikFriender, the Kik Friend Finder!

November 23rd 2014
Kik Messenger Logo

Are you also on Kik Messenger? Find Snapchat Friends has partnered up with some bright minds to help create a platform for you to find girls and guys on the Kik application.

Find out more about KikFriender - Find Kik Friends!

Find Local Snapchat Usernames!

November 1st 2014

Here it is! We've worked hard for this one. We're proud to bring you our latest most interesting development yet. The title says it all, you can now find local snapchat friends from all over the world! Navigate through our interactive map of snapchat...

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Autumn Fixes

October 7th 2014

It's been a while since our last update! But we don't want to abandon you. Although we didn't follow through as promised to implement a registration & login mechanism yet, we have made some little fixes here and there to keep the train running! So stay tuned for further updates, and stay snapchatty.

Delete your profile

May 20th 2014

As you create your profile, you might make a mistake which you can't correct, such as a typo or a bad profile photo. We've put at the top of your profile page your unique link to delete your profile. Only you can see the link. You'll also have to confirm your username before deleting, as a measure of security.

Comment system in place

May 18th 2014

As promised, it is now possible to add comments to profiles and photos. Feel free to leave your thoughts to a fellow snapchatter, or what you think of the photos you're viewing. Try it out, find a random snapchat username and leave a comment down below!

New features added

May 17th 2014

Always trying to improve our service, this week we've worked to bring you new cool features, such as:

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Leaked Snapchat Nudes Launched!

May 12th 2014

It's finally here, the dedicated page for leaked snapchat photos. Don't forget to share your original photos, and always be careful of what you send over snapchat as one day you might find yourself in that section too!

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Mobile Optimization and Web Browser Compatibility

May 11th 2014

Good news, you should be able to experience Find Snapchat Friends on all the big web browsers without any problem. As a bonus, we've optimized the mobile experience for all you mobile users out there. You have no excuses now, let's get this snapchatting going!

Leaked Snapchat Nudes Under Construction

May 10th 2014

If you visit the leaked snapchat nudes page you might notice it's not giving you what you wanted. Rest assured though, that section is coming soon.

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Official Launch

May 9th 2014

Today marks our official launch! We are proud to bring you Snapchat's best platform to find friends and usernames from all over the world. Talk to open-minded strangers, meet new friends, exchange life moments.. what are you waiting for?

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