Snapchat Username: kelly20f

Posted 2 years ago

Snapchat me @ kelly20f

I'm a 20yo girl

Living in New York, NY, United States

About me: Add me guys!

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sfapchat_adult 2 days ago

23f here. Add me on the adult version of the app (sfapchat) . Only for +21 yo people. Add me now on SFAPCHAT.COM

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dhallisey1 5 months ago

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drunkmnky 6 months ago

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ghost0723 7 months ago

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king_hankins 8 months ago

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jackjasonditch 8 months ago

Add me jackjasonditch on snapchat girls only

riccardorossi98 9 months ago

Hey can you add me back my Snapchat is riccardorossi98 I want to see if your real maybe we can talk your cute 😌

talvanian 9 months ago

Heya! Add me back

whitelady235 9 months ago

I'm 19 year old girl searching for some fun..If you want to trade some dirty pics and have sexting fun - add me on Snapchat @whitelady235

elmo9ch 10 months ago

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the_chrissdd 10 months ago

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cisuuu1990 1 year ago

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kalebrismiller1 1 year ago

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paavviii 1 year ago

Hey bae 😍😍

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zjange 1 year ago

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arthsove 1 year ago

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jacobh1014 1 year ago

Added, Very nice!

timmfun 1 year ago

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cadami9 2 years ago

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nelson3954 2 years ago

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arthurtob 2 years ago

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yvng_cinco 2 years ago

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